The 5 Best Cannabis Reviews

Reviews about Medical cannabis
Source: Tenesse Look Out

If you are just stepping into the cannabis world then chances are you will be overwhelmed by the different types of dispensaries and collectives. Whether you are an enthusiastic cannabis grower or you wish to use the weeds for medical or recreational purpose, the best cannabis reviews of an online dispensary will help you find the most suitable strains for your needs. 

As an enthusiastic grower, you must know that the best cannabis strains will give you a high germination rate. The weeds will grow without much trouble. There are many people who seek seeds for the most budget friendly strain or the best quality weed. However, this may not always be the right choice for you. It is important to choose a strain that has higher yields than look for a cheaper alternative. 

Some people may give more importance to the flavor and effect when choosing a cannabis strain. As a beginner, it may take you some time to test the waters and learn to swim, so here are our top 5 best cannabis reviews to make it simpler for you.

#1 Blueberry Widow

This is one of the most popular cannabis strains that have people raving about it. The sweet scent of the Blueberry Widow feels like a blend of woodsy and sour citrus. When you look at it, you will think of blueberries, which explains how it got its name. When you taste the strain, the sweet and sour flavor delights your senses and you can feel the soft blueberry taste when you exhale. It helps in relieving the stress and makes you feel euphoric.

#2 Avidekel

Avidekel Strain
Source: Y Harvest

This strain originated in Israel and it has been exclusively bred for the medical marijuana market. Although the use of recreational herbs is not legalized in Israel, the country is fast expanding its medical cannabis program. Avidekel is a high-CBD strain that was created by Tikun Olam, who is a famous supplier of medical cannabis in Israel. The strain is great for nighttime use as it relieves stress and induces sleep.

#3 White Cookies

This is a perfect combination of Girl Scout cookie and white widow cannabis strains that offer a great concoction. These plants may be grown indoors or outdoors as these are hybrid in nature and easy to grow. White cookies contain 19.25% THC which can give you a cerebral high. Upon consuming this strain, the user will experience a massive body rush that is pleasing. 

#4 Neville’s Haze

If you want a high that feels incredibly intense, we would suggest that you check out Neville’s Haze. It resembles its name and you will feel in the haze almost instantly. This cannabis strain is best for those who want to get heavy-hitting high. However, let us warn you that this strain is meant for the connoisseur and not for the beginners. The strain has a spicy and fruity citrus flavor.

#5 Purple Kush

This is an Indica strain that is really easy to grow indoors or outdoors. It is characterized by purple leaves and a really high level of THC (over 25 percent). It is a wonderful choice for those who simply want to chill out and enjoy the strong and smoky flavor. 

Although this strain is not the easiest in terms of growing, a seasoned consumer will appreciate the long-lasting euphoria and powerful sedative effects produced by it. Studies have shown that this strain can be used as a treatment for several medical conditions such as depression, pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and anxiety. Most people will feel sleepy, happy, hungry, and relaxed after consuming Purple Kush.